Beginner’s Guide To Anal Beads

Beginner’s guide to anal beads

A number of sex toys are available in the market which both men and women use time-by-time for solo enjoyment. The varieties in sex toys increase for females. If you are alone and willing to feel the excitement and thrill of erotic pleasure, you can buy vaginal and anal sex toys online. Anal beads are probably the most thrilling anal sex toys. It comes with multiple beads linked through a silicone or nylon string. Beas’ size increase towards the base and that’s how anal sex lovers use it conveniently. 

Although anal beads offer a lot of pleasure during anal simulation, it gets contaminated when you put it into your butt. If used without cleaning, it can cause normal to serious sexual diseases. Therefore, you should pay attention to this beginner’s guide to anal beads in order to learn how to use it properly. 

Pay attention to the following things:

You are probably going to use anal beads for the first time. This might seem a bit intimidating but there is no need to worry. You are introducing yourself to a unique sensation that many women love. Many users consider anal beads as an internal massager that smoothly rubs the anal canal and creates a unique sensation around sphincter muscles. 

The design and purpose of anal beads have not changed over the years. People use it in the same way as they used to in the past. However, there are a few things that you must consider before using anal beads to avoid pain and feel comfortable. Choose anal beads made of more hygienic materials than they used in the past.

Should you worry about health safety?

You will have to understand what anal beads are in order to know you should worry about your health or not. You can get two types of anal beads in the market, the one in which all the beads are linked to a handle or loop and another in which anal beads are connected to a string. Both types of anal beads feature toys in which bead size increases towards the base ring or handle. 

If it is your first time and you are worried about your health, you should never buy anal beads with cotton string. It is simply impossible to remove all the bacteria from cotton string and therefore it can be risky to reuse and store such a sex toy in your room. You should buy the latest design’s anal beads prepared from non-porous materials. You can easily clean the beads and the base and then reuse it time and again without worrying about health concerns. 

Health issues may occur if you are using anal beads linked through cotton string because that string may break. Beads must be connected through a more durable material so that you can easily push and pull them out of your butt. Therefore, silicone made anal beads is more popular because these sex toys are safer than older versions. 

How to use anal beads?

It is not too complicated to learn how to enjoy anal sex with anal beads. You just need to follow the below-given tips and you can enjoy some thrilling erotic moments with anal beads. 

  • Use lubrication:

It should be your first step, even if your anal beads are built of smoothest material. A variety of lubrication is available in the market for sexual activities. You can easily find high-quality lubricants that will make anal sex simulation with anal beads much easier and more enjoyable for you. 

One thing you should know that the anal canal does not lubricate itself. If you put a non-lubricated object in there, it may cause too much traction and you may feel a lot of pain. The anal bead should slip easily once passed sphincter muscles and for that, you will have to apply quality lubrication over anal beads. This is how you can enjoy a much safer anal simulation. 

You can use lube tube applicator to apply quality lubrication on your anal beads. This lube applicator will spread the lube all around beads and then you can continue. Here one thing is important to know that you should never use thinner lubes on anal beads. Companies produce water-based lubes which are thinner, but perfect for vaginal sex simulation. You should prefer applying thicker oil-based or silicone-based lubrication. Thicker sex toy lubes allow you to feel comfortable and enjoy longer with your sex toys. So, follow this tip and use a perfectly lubricated sex toy. 

  • Do not put all the beads all together:

When you will apply some lubes and put anal beads in your butts, it will hurt a little bit and then it will feel very pleasing. It may encourage you to push further and have some rough enjoyment. You should never do that because thus you may hurt the inner walls of the anal canal. You should go slow in the beginning and enjoy the sensation of each anal bead. Put one bead at a time and move it back and forth to feel comfortable. 

Anal beads are designed to allow the user to experience the true pleasure of anal sex. Some users feel comfortable when they put smaller size beads into their butts and they choose to put larger size beads when they start enjoying this act. That’s how it works and that’s how you should try this toy. 

  • Remove it slowly:

Do not be in a hurry when you are using anal beads. You should enjoy your time with this special sex toy and once you are done, you should remove each bead slowly. Do not pop out all at once. Anal beads include multiple different size beads because these are designed to offer the pleasure of different sized things. So, put it slowly and remove it slowly to enjoy your time. 

This is how you should use anal beads in order to prevent unnecessary risks. If you will go rough, it can cause some pain and then health issues. Beware of such things and follow the mentioned instructions. 

What type of anal beads is the best?

Basically, there are two types of anal beads, a porous material made anal beads and non-porous material made anal beads. If you choose to use porous material made anal beads such as jelly, rubber, latex made beads, it will be a bit risky for your health. These anal beads contain a lot of bacteria and cleaning those bacterial becomes a very daunting task. Germs and bacteria enter the pores where antibacterial cleaning agents cannot reach to clean them. 

Anal beads made of non-porous materials such as steel, silicone, and glass are very easy to clean and you do not need to apply any tough cleaning tactic to clean them. That’s why using anal beads made of non-porous material is a great idea. 

Always prefer high-quality anal beads:

If you have decided to use anal beads and you also do not want to take any health risks, you should choose high-quality and non-porous material made anal beads. Cheap anal beads, made from plastic, rubber, or jelly will feel rougher and you cannot clean them. You should stay away from such sex toys because these are unhygienic and these can cause serious health concerns.

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